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RAFA Club, Cwmbran


On Wednesday, January 14, 2004 some descendants of Penry and Elizabeth Morgan met at the Cwmbran RAFA club. This was at a meeting of the Cwmbran Historical Society and at the start of the evening there was a presentation and talk about the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal by Mr. Phil Hughes of the Canal trust.

This presentation was enjoyed by everyone present and after this event the Morgan family member's got together to be introduced to each other and photo's brought by some were shared around.

Although this meeting was almost spontaneous, it was enjoyed by everyone there and it is hoped that in the near future a full family get together can be arranged.

If you would like this to go ahead, can you contact me or Dawn Jones  and let us know your interest in this idea. As probably a buffet would be planned but then there would have to be some charge to cover costs.

It will be 90 years since Pte Penry Morgan died of his wounds and he was buried with full military honours at St. Michaels church at Llantarnam.


The descendants that attended are...

Shaun McGuire    

Shelley Wesson

Nicola McGuire

Dawn Jones

Karen Christie

June Tamplin

Philip Peterson

Bryn Peterson

Lyndon Chaney

Marilyn Chaney

Lyndon Lloyd

David Lloyd

Alan Smith

Amanda Griffin

Allan Morgan

Doreen Meredith

Frances Bowers

Stuart Cameron

Denise Thomas

Jacqueline Polley

Geoffrey Gillard

Martin Gillard

Most were accompanied by their partners and this was probably one of the biggest meetings of 'Morgan's' for some years, some 23 descendants.


Doreen Meredith (nee Morgan) with her daughter Frances and David Bowers

Jacqueline and Denise, daughter's of Ethel Parkhouse.

June Tamplin (nee Peterson)

and Shirley Peterson

Karen Christie and Andrew

(Little and Large)

Lyndon Lloyd, Marilyn Chaney and David Lloyd.

Mike and Amanda Griffin and June McGuire

Philip Peterson and Roger Tamplin

Shelley Wesson and Nicola McGuire


Nicola McGuire


Geoff and Cynthia Gillard with their son Martin.