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On this webpage you will find any recent update's that have been added to save you time if you have visited this website before.


October 30, 2006

New photo's of the SS Kamarima (SS Salamis) added to 'The Ship' webpage.

The photo's were sent to me by Ian Newson whose grandfather, a ships captain,  took the photo's.


April 7, 2006

New webpage added  linked from the 'Memorial' webpage.

It contains some photo's taken by Nigel Jones of Penry's memorial service and includes some links to Nigel's website, 'Cwmbran Info'


April 4, 2006

New webpage added - Memorial.

The Service of Honour to Pte Penry Morgan of the Grenadier Guards that lost his life in WW1



March 31, 2006

Poems composed by Thistle Anderson whilst on a voyage on the SS Salamis.

Follow the link on the 'The Ship' webpage



March 5, 2006

An aerial photo of the Holy Trinity church, Pontnewydd added to the Morgan Graves webpage showing approximately area where the graves of Nanna and Dadda Morgan and some Morgan and Pearson children lie.



February 13, 2006

Nana and Dadda Morgans ancestors added to the generations found on the Family Tree webpage. The generations have now increased from six to nine.



March 3, 2005

New webpage added  with links to both family reunions

See Reunions



March 2, 2005

New email address

Contact Shaun....

Click Here



May 14, 2004

New newspaper report on the funeral of Private Penry Morgan on his webpage accessed from the Roll of Honour page


March 25, 2004

Link to a street map of Cwmbran added to the Home page



March 9, 2004

Phillip and Ernest Morgan's birth certificate's added to the documents webpage



March 1, 2004

Happy St. David's Day

More birth certificate's added to the Documents webpage



February 6, 2004

More photo's by Bryan McDowell and Teri Lewis added of the service at Penry's grave and at the TA Center.

These are linked from the 'Tribute' webpage



February 3, 2004

New links added to the links page.

 Check out Tania Wakefield's website from Australia. Tania is a descendant of the nanna and dadda Morgan, so please sign her guestbook.

Link to St. Michaels church, Llantarnam added

'Family Tree' webpage updated because the file size has got too large and is now divided into generations.



January 26, 2004

New page added 'Tribute' with links to a photo webpage and letter webpage



January 19, 2004

Family Tree descendants updated from  95 to 115. Photo's removed because file upload exceeds the permitted amount of 250kb allowed on Freeservers.



January 15, 2004

Family meeting  of descendants of Nanna and Dadda Morgan held at the Cwmbran RAFA club. Web page accessed from the home page on this website.

Photo's being added to the Family Tree page.


January 10, 2004

Photo's being added to the names on the Family Tree web page.



January 7, 2004

A new link added to the MORGAN SOCIETY on the 'links' page

More names added to the Family Tree, Purcell name's



January 5, 2004

Maud Morgan's children added to the family tree


January 3, 2004

Family Tree webpage updated again



January 2, 2004

Family Tree web page updated, more names added, data edited (means more errors!)



December 29, 2003

New web page added, Family tree. Shows the descendants of Penry and Elizabeth Morgan.



December 16, 2003

New web page 'Cemeteries' added. This includes 360 degree photo's of some Cwmbran cemeteries. A viewer must be downloaded to see these.



December 11, 2003

Trent Bridge Military hospital photo added to Ernest Morgan's webpage.


December 7, 2003

New web page added, 'The Ship'

Another photo of the Thiepval Memorial Monument added to Ernest Morgan's page and some editing done to some small errors.



December 4, 2003

Documents page added

Birth, Marriage and Death documents for Frances Morgan, Birth certificate for George Morgan and Marriage certificate for a Pendry Morgan and Elizabeth Brigs added.



December 3, 2003

More photographs of family graves added to the Morgan graves page.

Photo's added to the Morgan children page.



December 2, 2003

Pte Penry Morgan's military service record added to his page



November 26, 2003

New web page added - Morgan Children



November 24, 2003

A NOW photo of Newport Road, Llantarnam taken at the same spot that the original photo of Penry's funeral  was taken.



November 21, 2003

New photo's added to Penry and Ernest Morgan's web pages accessed through the 'Roll of Honour' webpage. They include new photo's of Penry and another soldier that we think is Phillip and of Penry's military funeral through Llantarnam. A photo of Ernest's name on the Thiepval Memorial Monument is on his webpage.



November 14, 2003

More photo's have been added to Private Penry's page and further photo's have been added to the graves page.



November 12, 2003

Update's page added

 Morgan families graves page added.

Roll of Honour, Private Penry's and his brother Lanc Corporal Ernest's pages have been edited

More information added to the Census's page



November 9, 2003

Roll of Honour page - Penry Morgan, new photo of grave and new's report of his funeral in 1915. First casualty in WW1 from this area. A new picture of him is on the 'Photo' page and also his daughter Doreen, now aged nearly 90.



updated October 27, 2003

 First update for years!