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The second family meeting on February 11, 2005 at the RAFA Club, Cwmbran


This meeting was very well attended by members of a number of families descended from Penry and Elizabeth Morgan.

I did have a list of names of those that attended but unfortunately I have misplaced this and am at the moment unable list each persons name that attended.

Shaun took along a computer and was able to show a number of people the information about themselves held in a database and was also able to scan some photo's that had been brought along by some family members. Roy Jones brought along his laptop and projector and showed various photo's on a large screen. We hope to develop this feature by making a proper Power Point show of family members from the past at the next get together.

Dawn Jones held a raffle and I would like to thank Dawn's and Roy's daughter Becki and her friend for looking after the door and welcoming everyone and at the same time relieving them of their money.

Dawn and June McGuire also set up a small buffet which was enjoyed by all and which was enjoyed by the fact that 'not a lot' was taken back home.

After taking out all expenses a profit of 30 was maid, which was not intentional and this will be ploughed back into the next  family get together.


Below are some photo's taken by Roy and Dawn Jones of some of the family members who attended our get together.

Click on images to enlarge

June Tamplin

Ethel Parkhouse, her daughter Jackie Polly and grand daughter Jill and husband

Shirley McDowell

Sandra Chaney and Jean Morgan

Leah Marie Lowe

Janet, Diane and Carol

???? and Catherine Chaney

Bryan McDowell

Mr Evans, Therese Smith and Rhian Palmer

Evan and dad, Nicholas Palmer

Dawn Jones and June McGuire

Alan Smith and grandson, Evan

Dawn with June and Roger Tamplin

Roy Jones, June and Shaun McGuire, Dawn Jones

Bryn Peterson and Roger Tamplin and family members

Aime, Ross, Bryn Peterson and Sharon